67% Say They Feel Less Safe Than 2 Years Ago 

Americans are feeling less safe under the Joe Biden presidency, according to a new poll by the Trafalgar Group.  

Asked, “Do you feel as safe in America today as you did 2 years ago?”, 67.9 percent of participants answered “no”, 27.1 percent answered “yes”, and 5.0 percent responded “don’t know”.   

Among Democrats, 44.9 percent answered “no”, 47.8 percent answered “yes”, and 7.2 percent answered “don’t know”.   

Meanwhile, 86.8 percent of Republicans responded “no”, 9.8 percent responded “yes”, and 3.4% responded “don’t know”.   

Independents were also more likely to agree they felt less safe, with 64.1 percent answering”, and 30.9 percent answering “yes,” and 5.0% “don’t know”.   

The overwhelming majority of participants in this survey feel less safe in America than they did 2 years ago, with the Democrat participants disagreeing by only a 3.1% margin.   

These results have implications for the 2022 elections, and explain why Republican candidates have made combatting crime such a central component of their campaign message.