China Increasingly Perceived as America’s Greatest Enemy

For third year in a row, Americans rank China as America’s greatest enemy in the world today.  

WHY IT MATTERS – The pandemic has significantly altered American’s perception of China’s threat to the United States.  

  • IN CONTEXT – The Chinese spy-balloon incident, China’s alleged backing of Russia in the ongoing war in Ukraine, and increased scrutiny into the origins of COVID-19 have heightened the perception.  

ENEMY NUMBER ONE – In a poll conducted by Gallup, participants were asked who they consider to be the United States’ greatest enemy today 

  • 50 percent – China 
  • 32 percent – Russia 
  • 7 percent -North Korea 
  • 2 percent – Iran 

PARTICAN DIFFERENCE – Republicans and Democrats differ greatly in their perceptions of who is America’s greatest enemy, with Democrats more likely to pick Russia.  

  • 76 percent of Republicans – China 
  • 46 percent of Independents – China  
  • 53 percent of Democrats – Russia  

However, both parties have experienced increases in wariness towards China compared to previous years.  

THE BOTTOM LINE – As the threats to our homeland continue from the Chinese Communist Party, Americans are starting to see China as public enemy No. 1. – a title it has earned for three years and counting.