Majority of Americans Want Illegal Aliens Deported

Majority of Americans Agree on Deporting Illegal Border Crossers, Fully Funding Police, Exploring Oil and Gas, Threat from China and More 

On issues such as funding the police and oil and gas exploration, majorities of Americans reject the way tradeoffs are typically described in our typical political discourse.  

According to a recent poll of 1,073 likely voters from The Trafalger Group, 80.1 percent of voters believe police departments can be fully funded and prosecutors tough on crime while still disciplining officers who abuse their power. Just 14.7 percent disagree.  

In addition, 62.8 percent of voters agree that America can further develop domestic natural gas and oil production without putting the environment at risk. 27.6 percent disagree.  

The poll also showed that 67.3 percent of Americans believe the border should be secured and illegal border crossers returned to their countries of origin. The support is driven by voters who prefer a Republican candidate in the 2022 election, with 94 percent supporting more border security. Voters preferring the Democratic candidate are split. Of them, 37.9 percent reject tougher border policies, 32.6 percent support them, and the rest are not sure. 

Americans also largely agree that China and the open border poses a threat to the United States. The poll shows that 69.7 percent of voters feel growing aggression from China is a threat to America and 56.3 percent of American adults believe that Chinese-made Fentanyl coming across the southern border is the leading contributor to overdose deaths in America.  

The poll also showed that most Americans are not confident that President Biden can get a handle on inflation, with 54.2 percent of voters believing Biden’s policies to fix inflation will hurt America’s economic recovery.