More Want Equal Opportunity Than Equal Results

Americans prefer a system of equal opportunity over one of equal results.  

  • They also reject the idea that meritocracy is a racist idea.  

WHY IT MATTERS – The recent political focus on race relations and income inequality have reignited the debate over whether the government should more aggressively redistribute wealth and power in America.  

THE QUESTIONS – A recent Scott Rasmussen national poll found:  

  • 61 percent prefer a system in which everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and some people end up far more successful and wealthy than others 
  • 26 percent prefer a system in which government leaders ensure that inequality is minimized so that everyone has roughly the same resources 
  • 13 percent were not sure 

When asked if meritocracy and a hard work ethic are racist ideas 

  • 9 percent strongly agree 
  • 12 percent somewhat agree 
  • 16 percent somewhat disagree 
  • 47 percent strongly disagree 
  • 16 percent were not sure 

AMERICAN MAJORITY – The results echo similar findings from America’s New Majority Project exploring the concept of “Equal Opportunity Capitalism.”  

  • Nuance – Of course, the meaning of “equal opportunity” can be a point of contention. 

GO DEEPER – Source and supporting material.