Poll: Inflation Forcing Sick Americans to Work  

An overwhelming majority of Americans say that they are less likely to take an unpaid sick day due to inflation.  

WHY IT MATTERS – Inflation doesn’t just affect our pocketbooks. Health and wellbeing are other parts of life that suffer.  

SICKENING STATS – According to a recent poll of 2,000 employed Americans…  

  • 64 percent say that taking a sick day would cause financial strain.  
  • 67 percent say that inflation makes them less likely to take an unpaid sick day due to their concern about financial security. 
  • 64 percent are more reluctant to stay home for fear of criticism from their bosses and possible termination.  

RACIAL DIVIDE – This trend of working while sick disproportionally affects people of color, as Latina women, for example, report being more hesitant than White woman to take a sick day from work due to ongoing layoffs.   

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