The pandemic fades as American support turns towards unvaccinated workers. 

By a two-to-one margin, more American voters believe that employees who were fired for not getting vaccinated during the Covid pandemic should be rehired.  

WHY IT MATTERS—The results are another indication of how the pandemic is no longer top of mind for Americans.  

THE NUMBERS—A new survey from the Republican polling firm WPA Intelligence discovered the following:  

  • 57 percent agreed “that people who were fired for not getting a vaccination should be rehire.” 28 percent disagreed.  
  • 79 percent of Republican respondents agreed, whereas only 16 percent disagreed.  
  • 58 percent of independents agreed, and 26 percent disagreed.  
  • It was only among Democratic respondents that more believed workers fired for being unvaccinated should not be rehired, with 35 percent supporting rehiring and 43 percent opposing the idea.   

SHIFTING OPINION—While during most of the pandemic polls demonstrated overarching support for government vaccine mandates, even in predominately red states such as Texas, American opinion has drastically shifted as the pandemic hysteria fades. 

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